Poop is Falling from the Ceiling....POOP!

Exam Numero Uno
Tomorrow morning at 0800 I will embark on my first examination in nursing school.  Fundamentals.  An exam covering 20 chapters, and 4 long weeks of lecture material.

In the words of Angela Martin from the Office (the Business School episode)

"Poop is falling from the ceiling....Poop!"

Not sure if you understand where I'm coming from with this quote...similar to "sh*t's hittin' the roof?"  I just thought it would be more appropriate considering today's theme through out study groups has in fact been...poop, not hitting the roof, but following the same route as gravity.

Let's just say, between people sending "I just farted" text messages and others stepping out of the room to "relieve themselves," we got a CRAP-ton of studying done.  So I'm sure you now understand my need to quote Angela Martin in this current scenario.

A Bondi Obsession

So not only has my good friend Reese's created a running monster (aka: me), but she has also created a Bondi Band fanatic! Any hateful saying that has gone through my mind mid-run is actually mass produced on Bondi Bands all over the world!

Por ejemplo
Have you ever caught yourself thinking, "Aw, I soooo don't want to run anymore." Then your good friend looks back with a face that screams....

....and you know you must run on.



So I guess you actually have to have friends to wear this band without feeling totally ashamed?

Well, all I know is I seriously consider purchasing this band in LARGE print for all those haters who glare at me from inside their cars as I limp alongside the road for 10 miles.

But then again, this is just so acurate....

So...I'm ordering new Bondi Bands for Reese's and myself.  Which ones to buy!?!?!

Oh yes...
Oh! I am proud to say I have completed my 1st long run of 10 miles.  Reese's and I booked it down Ocean Drive last night and thankfully:

1.  Didn't break any bones

2.  Didn't cease to exist via automobile

3.  Didn't have an incontinent moment


  1. Jamie8.2.11

    Hi!! I found your blog through skinny runner and have been reading since she featured you. I'm not really a commenter but I wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow on your fundamentals exam!! I am sure you will do great. The crazy part of this whole thing is I am in the same nursing program (2nd semester!!) that you are. You actually have it lucky. We had to take Pharm with TC, Fund. and HA. I am sure you can imagine all the fun that was. Well, good luck again and awesome job on the run!!

  2. Holy moly girl. I'm BEYOND lucky that I got pharm out of the way as a pre-req. I have no clue how I would handle the load I'm taking along with that. Thanks! I'm gonna need all the luck I can get for sure!

  3. Love yours and Reese's blog! You two are the dynamic duo! I hope you did well on your test today. I know where you are coming from as I finished RN school @ 30 and then finished my FNP @41. If you need any educational secrets, let me know. I've used them ALL! Good luck!

  4. Hope your exam went well...about Bondi Bands, I have the "In My Dreams, I'm a Kenyan" one :)
    Good luck with your half!! I'm registered for my first marathon in May...yikes!

  5. I had never heard of Bondi Bands- they look awesome! They make me laugh and look totally functional. Are they worth the money?

  6. Advertising Nurse13.2.11

    Thanks Cynthia and Anne, my exam actually went great! I totally over prepared. Oh, any and ALL nursing advice would be stellar!!!

    Order a Bondi Band NOW! You will never feel sweat on your face again...well unless you're running in like 100 degree weather. Uh, it's amazing. They're only 8 bucks off bondiband.com, I just ordered some new ones for me and Reese's race this weekend!