Pre-Austin Flip Out

Aw the Joys of Running 
My middle name is stress this week, thus turning me into a terrible runner.  It's crazy the many different excuses I can make up in order to put off a run.  This week's excuses consisted of putting off runs in order to get stuff done for school and work. You could say, my total weekly mileage is not exactly where I had hoped it would be. I thought the past few weeks I would be hitting a solid 22 mile marker.  That goal however has been blown to smithereens by the harsh reality of my actual running history...

Feb 6-12:  12 miles
Feb 13-15:  2.59 miles (no I "did not" totally bale on a 10 mile run Monday night so I could chit chat with a friend and walk 2 miles after a life yog!)

And yes, I did in fact bale on a 7-miler with Reese's this evening so I could take an amazing 3.25 hour nap.  Whew...it was a pretty intense siesta I tell you.  If Reese's wouldn't have come banging on my window and woken me up, I may have slipped into an all-out coma...which I'm not sure I would have disliked all that much. 

Now initially I think, hey, at least I'm skipping runs to be a good student and get everything done.  Right?  I mean I could be skipping runs to booze it up beach-style, but instead I'm making adult decisions and studying (uh....adult decisions, not my favorite).

Wrong! Not running, even daily 2 milers, has added to my stress level due to the fact I have my 1st 1/2 marathon this weekend!  I just have one request for this weekend.  Please, please, Please, may the hills of Austin have mercy on me! 

I have been a spoiled, flat-land, beach-side runner for 9 fabulous months and I have beccome accustomed to a certain standard of running.  So basically, Austin-running might suck.  Trust me, I use "might" in hopes that I trick my brain into thinking positive about this weekend.  Maybe I can find a hip, new Austin relaxation class to attend before the race Sunday morning.  I hear there are actually nude courses available. 

Fancy that.

Austin Prep
So I am staying as pumped-up as possible about the Austin 1/2 this weekend and decided to treat myself to some new running schwag!

So you have 1 pair of new Mizunos, 1 pair of new bike-shorts so I don't pass out due to the inability of proper blood circulation in my long pants.  It would be so f-ing awkward to have the EMS run over to the chubby gal to cut off her skin-tight running pants in order to get the blood flowing again.  Whew....I never want to experience that, but ya never know. 

The 800 Bloks and GU I bought were so I could make running goody bags, and try out a few new ones before the race.  Uh, they're so yummy! It's tough to not eat them throughout the day just for a snack. 

So why the hell did I go out and get myself such an excess of running goodies?  Let's get real, when you're looking to conquer 13.1 miles of land you're very weary of...oh and don't forget the threat of possible death via hills...

...it makes you think you'll be able to push through if you go out and get some new stuff! 

Welp....I guess we'll see what happens!


  1. Good luck on your first half! Enjoy the experience, you'll never forget your first :)

  2. Advertising Nurse21.2.11

    Accidental Runner....I didn't die!! Lol and it was such a great run.