Adios Nikes

Let's start out this evening's post on a happy note...before we get to the nitty gritty gunk that consumed my running life this evening.  

I am the daughter of true cowboy and outdoors man.  You know you've read about him in months prior, I like to refer to him in my blogging world as the one and only John Wayne.

I was the son he never had, well, as close as he could get to a son.  We went fishing together, sat in deer blinds on the weekends, and I was his right hand daughter when it came to building forts and fixin' things! So it should be no surprise to you that I know how to, and love to build campfires!

So as the temperatures dropped in the great state of Texas, a little light bulb went off in my head...why not take advantage of the quaint little fire place that sits in my apartment and build a cozy fire?


It may have taken longer than I'm proud to admit, but I finally went cave-lady on the little wood pile and created light!  Aw...I love a cozy fire, reading a book, and being a regular ole granny. 

THE...Nitty Gritty
So, let's get to the portion of my day that reallllly grinds my gears.  At 1700 hours I set out to accomplish 7 easy miles at a decent pace (somewhere between a 10 and a 10:30 minutes per mile pace).  You could say my measly mileage goal came back with a vengeance and slapped me in the face just a mere 2 miles into the run. 

I felt exactly like the slap victim once the clock struck 1730.  Suddenly my legs decided they were done running, and if I dared to continue on they threatened to snap beneath my body.  I don't know if it was my flaring shins or the sudden arch-issues that developed, but one of them (or maybe the combination of the two) made me shake my fists at the pavement and curse the running god! 

Aw, if I were a person who cried I would have wept right then and there on the street from mere frustration.  I, however, was born a mutant child and it seems as though I am not genetically equipped to shed tears.  Why....wait, how is it possible that I ran a wonderful 9 miles with ease and comfort not more than a week ago and today I'm not able to complete 3 miles without sheer agony? 

Me, being the semi-bitter girl that I am this evening, am going to blame it on my new shoes.  Okay I know I should have listened to the shoe "expert" and just shelled out the cash for those hella-expensive running shoes last week, but I just couldn't part with 120 dollars.  Uh, but it seems as though now I must pay the piper. 

When Fire met Shoes
So if I lived in a house with a nice outside fire pit I would throw my new Nike's into it, dowse them with lighter fluid, strike a match, then sit back and watch my bad decision burn.  I'm stuck with an inside fire pit though and feel like throwing them into an inside-fire could be another poor decision on my behalf.  If I can't afford expensive running shoes, I sure as hell can't afford to burn down an apartment building. 

It looks like I'll be purchasing a new pair of Mizunos every 175 miles from here on out.  So, any Nike lovers out there who want a brand new pair of kicks, just lemme know and I'll send 'em your way. 


  1. Loved the slap video and references. There is nothing like a run that tries to kill you. I hate the contrast between a good run and a bad run. I guess that only makes us appreciate "good" runs more. :)
    What size are your nikes? I need new "workout" tennis shoes, but need to spend the money more on "running" shoes. You understand. :)

  2. Hmm let me see, they are 7 1/2...lol oh I totally understand.