I'm off see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of BoozeLand.

Now I'm Off to see the Wizard...

But not just any wizard! The wizard of Booze Land who lives in the magical land of Fredericksburg, Texas. It just doesn't get much better than Fred.

Small-town, German-living mixed in with the rolling hills, wild flowers and most importantly.... BOOZE!

Wine trails were meant to be taken by all booze-hounds like myself and my good friends. I'm just glad I'm not in on this booze-hound thing alone. I'm always surrounded by good friends to cheers me on in my search for the newest wine or cocktail :). Thanks friends.

Well I'm afraid I've gotta run. Literally. I missed yesterday evening's 4 mile run due to lack of devotion to the cause (not vommiting over the big bridge during my 1/2 marathon) due to a 6 oz glass of vino and what seemed like a HUGE dinner.

Next post will definitely/hopefully be a list of my newest favorite vinos!

Today's Goal: Yog 4 miles (for real this time)

Today's Obsession: Driving to Fred for Booze weekend!


Why am I a 70 year old "old maid" trapped in a 20-something's body?

Capitalizing on My Youth

For the past year my closest amigo and I have been hell bent on 'capitalizing' on our youth while we've still got it. 4 years of college living....okay 5 years but who's counting.

...After 4 years of the college lifestyle my amigo and I were exhausted. It's tough going out every weekend and consuming adult beverages like a fish breaths water...but somebody's gotta do it. So we spent our 5th year of college sitting in our apartment watching Grey's Anatomy reruns and drinking wine. It was THE LIFE!

I got use to that couch-potato lifestyle and enjoyed coming home after work and being antisocial. Buttttttt, apparently I'm 22 and should get off my bootay and meet some people before the true realities of old age sink in, and heaven forbid I'm stuck in some awful 9-5 job and have....Lord help me....3-4 1/2 children. Yuck!

(ps the caption on this photo read, "To reproduce or not to reproduce. That is the question" How perfect. I'm sure this questions slaps young marrieds in the face all over the world once their first kid cries through an entire night.)
Today, like so many days before, the inner AARP member living deep in my soul refused to be hidden away any longer. I went to the beach by myself and read a book. Now I am missing dinner and drinks with 3 of my good friends....

...to sit on my sister's couch and continue to read my book. Only stopping to bathe and take in the smell of the sweet summer air. I'm pretty sure all I need now are 18 cats and I'm officially
old and creepy.

I guess it would be fair to say these moments of old cat lady-ness only come from time to time when I've been on the go go go but....

Sustaining what Little Youth I have Left

I have been sustaining youth, or more accurately regaining the youth I have left... by yogging (soft "j") with "Running Off the Reese's" (my fabulous blogger friend).

I'm very proud of myself. Just two weeks ago I couldn't run a mile without thinking my old cat lady heart was going to come out of my chest.

Part of that may have had something to do with the heat index being above 90....or so Running Off the Reese's claims...she's so nice to make excuses for me so I feel better about my horrible yogging abilities.

Anyhow. We have decided we shall run a 1/2 marathon in October. If I die mid-October...you now know the cause of death even before the ambulance gets to me.

The race begins with a 1 mile run over a bridge....that has a very....steep....incline. This may not look like much of an incline to you, but to me, it looks like Hell.

My goals are:
1) Don't puke and

2) Don't die.
We shall see what happens.

Today's Goal: Yog 4 miles

Today's Obsession: Memoirs According to Kathy Griffin


So thanks for makin' me....a....Fight-er

The biscuits have been made...and I'm singing to the tune of Christina Aguilera's Fighter.

The 1st go-round at biscuit-making I fought a personal battle; I ate an entire .35 lbs of bread dough, let the dough rise in my stomach, then wanted to collapse. I continued on my bread-baking experience by preheating my oven to 400 F; placing my dough in a large oiled skillet; and after 14 minutes of the heavenly scent of Rosemary dancing through my kitchen I firmly grasped the hot skillet with my bare hand....Ouch!

I "tapped out" and took a breather. It was a tough fight.

When the bell rang for round 2 of The Ultimate Biscuit Fight to continue I was ready with oven mitts!

The biscuits were not baked evenly so there were brown spots....I was sad. 19 biscuits gone to waste. I will try another day, but Thank you Christina for making me....Fighter.

Today's Obsession: Having ZERO emails in my Inbox! What a great feeling...you should try it.

Today's Task: Running 1 mile (wow...I have digressed in my half-marathon training. Damnit)


Cooking, Country Music and Fighting Roach Warriors!

Awoke today to the thought of biscuits and happily hopped out of bed to throw them together. There were no biscuits made yesterday of course.... I live by the idea that things can always be done tomorrow.

So. Put on some country music and started mixing and kneading the dough. When baking bread I would recommend a larger pot that the one I have....there is no WAY you can fit 8 cups of flour, yeast, milk and sugar in here. It ain't happening. So I put 6 1/2 cups and I'm hoping for the best.

Looks good eh? Looks like I'm going to gain some weight this week.

You don't know how fast dough rises until you think it's okay to run the pool for few hours and you return to a bulging bowl and a house that smells like raw dough...I'm not sure if I like the smell or not. I'm going to assume this means I have mixed my ingredients successfully though. Thankfully a little friend decided to sneak up behind me at the pool and reminded me I had dough rising in the oven.

As I was sitting in my beautiful pool, and by 'my' pool I mean 1 of 4 pools at my apartment complex that happens to always be full of screaming children who don't yet understand the joy of reading Memoirs According to Kathy Griffin. I love Kathy like she loves the gays.

Anyhow....as I was sitting in my beautiful pool, I was brutally attacked (like Danielle from the Real Housewives of NJ is "attacked" by the ladies on the show/the world)

(Check out that hot mess...whew)

...Back to the attack!

There are officially bugs in Corpus Christi that can swim with a vengeance! They are called "water scorpions"

..... f my life. The one place I am obsessed with (the pool) and become a 12 year old again splashing about merrily..... THERE ARE DEVIL BUGS!!

I need a new hang out.

Well, I'm going to go shake off violently in fear there may still be my bug nemesis still hanging on for dear life somewhere on my body.

Rolls are still not finished....let's see how many days it will take to make biscuits :)

Today's Task: STILL making biscuits

Today's Obsession: Finding a way to kill the infamous "water scorpion"


I guess an introduction is in order

I've never done this so I'm not too sure what this should be about but I'll figure that out as I go.

An Advertising Nurse Defined: Me! A Texas girl who has always wanted to be a nurse but was distracted at Texas State University and went the Advertising route for a few years. I left T.State with a Bachelor's in Mass Communication with a specialty in Advertising, a minor in Sociology and have NOW embarked on my newest adventure in the not-so beautiful, but somewhat beautiful, Corpus Christi, Texas. Nursing School...hm

As you can see I have a few interests and have yet to find an efficient and creative way to combine them and make a living all at the same time. I'm sure one day there will be a job description somewhere that reads:

Must have experience in marketing, a degree in Advertising & Sociology, and be capable of assisting in surgery. If I ever do find this job description....I'm in!!

Today's task: Homemade Buttered Rosemary Biscuits & going on a 3 mile run without collapsing in the street, or being hit by a car. Wish me luck.

Today's Obsession: The Pioneer Woman blog/cookbook