WTF Winter?

My Happy Little Run
So wtf winter? Yeah, I'm talking to you supposed "season" that lingers between fall and spring.  Where you be!?  It's only February and you're no where in site!  Oh...that's right...I live in Texas, the land of 1.5 seasons.

Season 1:  "Summer" as lay people would refer to the Corpus Christi season of Hell on Earth.  

This wonderful season, full of temperatures towering well above 100 degrees and humidity at a constant high, is jam-packed with heat strokes and dehydration.  Who would want to live in the cool and breezy California when you could be in this African-like oasis with what we like to call a "beach."  Brown-ish water is what beaches are suppose to look like? 

I'm sorry, I'm just reminiscing about my frolicking on the Spanish beaches of San Sebastian...

By the time I encountered this beach in our Spanish adventure I was already fully aware and somewhat accustom to the nude beach "rule of thumb" so I was able to focus intently on the stellar blue sea!

Whoa! I'm sorry. I don't know how this picture got in here.  Ok, so I also did quite a bit of focusing on the Spanish/French surfing instructors.  Helllooo! Teach me! Teach me!

Wow, ok, I definitely got a little off-topic there for a second.  I guess the other obvious season for Texans is the season of occasional cool-fronts.  The better of the two I would say.  The only time I get to wear long pants on my runs, oh, and if you're really lucky and temps drop below 40, a light-weight sweatshirt...cha-ching!  Aww the wonder of running in the cold. I do love it.

So what brings me to this awful awareness of summer creeping it's way back into Corpus was my run earlier this morning.

11 A.M.
"60" degrees (our weatherman is a pathologic liar apparently)
+60% humidity
Light wind most definitely blowing in from the South....because our area of the globe....sucks.

....I do realize it's time to get over my beef with Mother Nature. I'm just not quite ready to quit being angry though.

So as I plodded down the street for the first time in months wearing shorts and a little workout top, I faced Mother Nature and once again, forfeited.  Kidding, I didn't give up, but I was not about run any further than 2.41 in the heat.  Uh uh girl, think again!

So, my first 2011 sunny, warm, run is complete

(Terrible picture, I know. Just go with it, I tried about a thousand times to take a good one....it just wasn't gonna happen today).
Aside from having a lovely 2-miler earlier today, I am starting to face facts that it's only gonna get hotter from here on out so I might as well enjoy the sub-90 degree temperatures while I can.  Hopefully the weather is more delightful and runner-friendly wherever you may be.

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