I'm off see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of BoozeLand.

Now I'm Off to see the Wizard...

But not just any wizard! The wizard of Booze Land who lives in the magical land of Fredericksburg, Texas. It just doesn't get much better than Fred.

Small-town, German-living mixed in with the rolling hills, wild flowers and most importantly.... BOOZE!

Wine trails were meant to be taken by all booze-hounds like myself and my good friends. I'm just glad I'm not in on this booze-hound thing alone. I'm always surrounded by good friends to cheers me on in my search for the newest wine or cocktail :). Thanks friends.

Well I'm afraid I've gotta run. Literally. I missed yesterday evening's 4 mile run due to lack of devotion to the cause (not vommiting over the big bridge during my 1/2 marathon) due to a 6 oz glass of vino and what seemed like a HUGE dinner.

Next post will definitely/hopefully be a list of my newest favorite vinos!

Today's Goal: Yog 4 miles (for real this time)

Today's Obsession: Driving to Fred for Booze weekend!

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