I guess an introduction is in order

I've never done this so I'm not too sure what this should be about but I'll figure that out as I go.

An Advertising Nurse Defined: Me! A Texas girl who has always wanted to be a nurse but was distracted at Texas State University and went the Advertising route for a few years. I left T.State with a Bachelor's in Mass Communication with a specialty in Advertising, a minor in Sociology and have NOW embarked on my newest adventure in the not-so beautiful, but somewhat beautiful, Corpus Christi, Texas. Nursing School...hm

As you can see I have a few interests and have yet to find an efficient and creative way to combine them and make a living all at the same time. I'm sure one day there will be a job description somewhere that reads:

Must have experience in marketing, a degree in Advertising & Sociology, and be capable of assisting in surgery. If I ever do find this job description....I'm in!!

Today's task: Homemade Buttered Rosemary Biscuits & going on a 3 mile run without collapsing in the street, or being hit by a car. Wish me luck.

Today's Obsession: The Pioneer Woman blog/cookbook

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