So thanks for makin' me....a....Fight-er

The biscuits have been made...and I'm singing to the tune of Christina Aguilera's Fighter.

The 1st go-round at biscuit-making I fought a personal battle; I ate an entire .35 lbs of bread dough, let the dough rise in my stomach, then wanted to collapse. I continued on my bread-baking experience by preheating my oven to 400 F; placing my dough in a large oiled skillet; and after 14 minutes of the heavenly scent of Rosemary dancing through my kitchen I firmly grasped the hot skillet with my bare hand....Ouch!

I "tapped out" and took a breather. It was a tough fight.

When the bell rang for round 2 of The Ultimate Biscuit Fight to continue I was ready with oven mitts!

The biscuits were not baked evenly so there were brown spots....I was sad. 19 biscuits gone to waste. I will try another day, but Thank you Christina for making me....Fighter.

Today's Obsession: Having ZERO emails in my Inbox! What a great feeling...you should try it.

Today's Task: Running 1 mile (wow...I have digressed in my half-marathon training. Damnit)

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