The Trail of Tears through Wine Country

Day 1-Trail of Tears? Not yet in a trail mood.

The Trail of tears started for the group of 6 friends in Fredericksburg, AKA the wine country of Texas. A surprise birthday party had been in the works for the past 3 months for my one and only older sister. Imagine 5 very talkative girls trying to keep a secret that long...well I'll tell you it's next to impossible.

Anyhow, the evening began at The Crossroads steak house where we pounded 2 bottles of vino and inhaled excellent Fillet Mignon. After gabbing for a couple hours over an amazing dinner, sweet "Running off the Reese's" noticed a famous friend in our presence.... Lucas Black. Don't recognize the name? Don't worry, I don't do names either. Check out the face though.

Wa-BAM! How ya like them apples!

So we had to gossip over the question at hand. Was this the REAL Lucas Black or just a look a like. I mean after all, what are the chances of running into a star in a Texas saloon and steakhouse? I thought it was impossible but apparently even the small, dark-faced waiter got his autograph and took a picture with him....curious....very curious.

General consensus: It WAS Lucas Black

Day 2-Headin' on Down the Trail

Day 2 erupted around 11:30 a.m. when my sister and I were forced out of our narcoleptic slumber by very....sweaty....friends. The AC had broken.

Little did our friends know that staying in my parent's beautiful house in the hill country while they are being Winter Texans up in Montana would turn into a sweaty-mess.

1 hour and 89 degrees later...we were packed up and headed into a local hotel. Mind you, with all of the tourists coming into Fred on the weekend it's next to impossible to snag a hotel, at a decent price, last minute.

A word to the wise. Do not...I repeat DO NOT stay in a hotel with the words Deluxe...or Budget Inn within the title of the hotel.

We were given a room the size of a large dumpster, 2 beds that were possibly broken from extensive drug use on them, a toilet seat that had "For your protection" on the lid....the lid was sealed and the oozing smell of piss lurking in the air. Ohhhh....if piss could ooze....I know what it would smell like.

So basically, the "non refundable" reservation became a "money back" with a smile reservation after telling the man that his room smelled like urine.

Still Day 2- Then Came the Tears
After frantically calling La Quinta and being promised a suite with our name on it and leading a caravan of 6 sweaty girls in 4 vehicles on down the road, the local La Quinta informed the birthday girl that she had obviously called the wrong number and they were all booked up for the night.

Basically...the birthday girl broke.

Yup...Still Day 2-Let Those Mountains Smoke
Ever heard the saying "let those mountains smoke"? I'm sure you haven't. My fabulous Irish Mother made up that saying this past weekend after I told her my awful story about the AC going out and my sister crying at her surprise birthday party. "Let those mountains smoke" she declared! I told her I didn't understand what she was trying to say. Go smoke illegal things? No no silly girl. Use the credit card with the mountain scene on it. Ohhhhh! Gotcha. I love lettin' those mountains smoke now!

After sending off the slightly distraught birthday girl to lunch and a free wine tasting, I sat down with the amazing people at First Class Bed and Breakfast of Fredericksburg, Texas. They booked me a beautiful 3 bedroom home in walking distance to the bars and I thought the day was saved.

B&B: "A quick call to the home owner and the keys are yours for the night."
Me: "Praise the Lord"
B&B: [post phone call with home owner]: I'm sorry ma'am, we can't do it. He has guests coming to stay tomorrow and no one to clean the home after you leave.
Me: ........

Apparently failing to remove my make up from the night before left mascara tears running down my sweaty little face. The B&B woman called the owner back and explained to him that there was a girl in her office who looked like she was going to sob if they didn't find me a place to stay that night.

Mascara tears are now a must when I need to get my way. HELLO AGAPE BACK COTTAGE!! It was ours for the night!

A pretty penny, but worth it in the end. The Trail of Tears ended that day with a visit to 2 fabulous wineries. At the end of the day, we were awkwardly laughing with a Frenchman at Becker Vineyards and laughing at his lude jokes about his needing a "nurse's assistance" and also needing my long-legged friend to "fire his wife" and come home with him.

16 wine tastings later....it didn't even matter. We all kissed the Frenchie goodbye and headed back into town for a nice supper, a little ghost encounter (that will be another post, don't you worry) and a good night's sleep in an air conditioned home.

Day 3-Short and Sweet, Just the way I like it
$10 off breakfast tacos at a local joint while the dogs sat in the hot car, did a little retail/antique therapy to sooth my soul, then headed back to the Coast.

All in all, it was a good enough weekend we decided to book ahead of time the Agape house for next year. No more AC problems for us.

The End

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