Hello Holiday Snackage!

So I'm sitting here watching Celebrity Rehab and it's a little hard to focus while Janice Dickinson is screaming the f word at all of her group members struggling to beat their addictions.

....but I will attempt to tell you about the fabulous holiday snacks that I've encountered since leaving Corpus Christi, Texas.  It's like the bubble that is Corpus blinds you from these magical snacks!  Trust me, you'll want to make my favorite snack.

Oh Yes
Oh, yes I forgot to mention, I ran today for first time since my successful 6-miler on Friday.

I was initially excited about the run since I have upped my mileage steadily the past few weeks and felt no pain or repercussions.  Oh, and being in central Texas is such an amazing change from the Corpus Christi humidity I just assumed I would run, oh I don't know, 5 miles and feel AWESOME.

I was incorrect.  Between sun and self-initiated dehydration, after 2 miles of yogging I had one thing to tell the road this afternoon.  Pardon the visual, but...

My legs hate me and I'm not too sure why.  After reading a Runner's World article on injury control, I think I'll back-off on upping my mileage for the rest of the week and get comfortable with 5 miles before I push on anymore.

Joy In a Bag
Naturally, after returning from my somewhat/not-so-successful jog, I decided I wanted to eat something nice and tasty.  Hannah, my best amigo, made a batch of.... of goodness I will call it.  Wait, no no.  We shall call it.....Joy In a Bag!!

If I were to harness the feeling you have when you're so happy, you jump in the air and click your heals on a cool summer day....

....and put that joy in a ziplock bag, it would go something like this.

1.  Purchase the goods
-  1 box Cap'n Crunch
-  1 bag of pretzel sticks
-  2 packages of white chocolate squares
-  Wax paper (NOT FOIL)

2.  Mix it up holiday-style

3.  Melt that chocolate

Yes, I realize it looks like scrumptious butter ready to be melted then inhaled like water after a good work out, but refrain from doing so, no need to go into sugar-shock.

4.  Mix it one more time.  Don't be nervous, pour that beautiful butter-looking chocolate over the mix and stir until your heart is content!

5.  Here's the best part.  Act like you're a child, pour the mix all over wax paper, go to bed and let it harden.  If you want more speedy results, place it (with the wax paper) int he freezer.  Then snack snack snack.

Enjoy :)

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