Ice Is So Nice

Rise and Shine it's Runnin' Time!
This morning my alarm shocked my heart back to life at 5:45 a.m. to get up and get ready for the American Bank Center 1/2 Marathon & Relay. It was a pretty good turnout and had some pretty serious runners involved. I did what I do best and found a guy to run with who is NOT looking to break any records, but merely to survive.

We ran a 10.5 minute mile for 6.55 miles for a total time of 1.08.50. It only took this running man 1 try at speaking to me to realize....

I don't utter a word while running! At least he's a quick learner.

PreRace Panic
Reese's and I have a bad habit of psyching ourselves out the night before a race. We make bad dietary decisions and think that the booze fairy will somehow increase our race pace. This past week we have been determined to avoid the bad food and booze train.

Last night....we had...

We had two large bowls of pasta with a glass of water.

Great Success
Other than the fact that I was running Against the wind, staring at the sun, and hauling my hefty body uphill, it was an amazing race!

6.55 miles.....CHECK!

Can't wait for Austin!

So after 6.55 miles, I'm home....icing my legs for a full 40 minutes. Hmm sweet Heaven! No pain for me tomorrow!

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