This Killin' Time....

...Is Killin' Me

Thank you Clint Black for coming up with a tango of words that we each think of, and relate to from time to time.  My killin' time moment happens to be waiting patiently/frantically for my final grades to come out for the fall semester.  I am officially one tenth of a point away from a .....wait for it

A 4.0!!  I have 3 A's under my belt and I'm waiting to clarify that the 4th A is officially in my pocket.  I'm nervous but I'll get through it.

In the Mean Time
I'm cruising the streets and fighting the Christmas hustle and bustle.  Oh, and RELAXING!  Something I haven't been able to do since, eh, August.  1 thing I haven't done in FOREVER-literally is go out to lunch...solo.  One of my favorite things. 

I have a peaceful, quiet, lunch with a magazine an ice-cold drink.  Hmm.

Little did I know, that after a creeper "waiter" touched me on the back and let me know he could help me with ANYTHING, I found a mysterious drink I MUST try, hidden within the pages of Women's Health.  If you happen to have the November 2010 issue in front of you, flip to page 24 and unfold the magic of the recovery beverage!

 1.  Recovery:  Apparently runners who drank 2 10 oz bottles of tart cherry juice a day for 2 weeks had less pain after a race, in comparison to a control group. 
2.  Melatonin: The enzyme that promotes sleep.  People who drank this juice fell asleep 20 minutes faster than those in the control group.
3.  Carb-load:  One of my favorite things to do (carb-loading).  There's a ton of glucose and fructose in the drink that can spur you on during a workout.

Guess what I'm loading up on at H-E-B tonight?  You guessed it!  Juice.  I'll let ya know how well the juice helps my legs recover from a race!

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