Not a Good Night for a Run

1st Post-Race Run
Last night was Reese's and my first run since the American Bank Center 1/2 Marathon & Relay. Let's just say we went from a strong 6.55 miles on Saturday...

To a pitiful 2 mile run Monday night. It was definitely a running "fail."

Lets just say neither of us were "feelin' it" before we started our jog, so when we hit 1 mile and it felt like we had been running for an HOUR....I knew the run was going down hill. So instead of finishing our scheduled 5.5 miles, we detoured to a gas station and then walked our heavy, achy, legs home!

Post-Run Failure
Reese's still had a half bottle of vino open back at her apartment and we decided we each deserved a glass since we had been working so hard this past week. After the wine was poured, Reese's brought out her latest running gadget. A foam roller!

There are several different ways to roll. You can roll any muscle, even your back! It's suppose to sooth tight muscles. It's somewhat painful, but it's the good kind of pain! Naturally, we found a way to roll and wine...all at the same time!

Work that roller Reese's work it!

Decisions Decisions
Reese's and I have made leaps and bounds in our running since we started. She has already run the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon in SA, but I'm not quite that far along. We're doing great though and we have a good 5 mile base. So! We decided if we stay running the way we are currently, we could pull off the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon! next December.

Anddddd, if we do what we usually do and freak out the night before a race then make tons of poor dietary choices...or just don't feel like running 26 miles, we can just run the 1/2 marathon instead!

Hotel is officially reserved!! Watch out Vegas, team Grunt & Sweat are comin' to town!

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