Pain-free 3!

Guess Who's Still Got It
Sunday afternoon I geared up and went on my first Christmas holiday jog since the not-so-fabulous 2 miles in San Marcos a week prior.  I was nervous.  Whenever I don't run for a while I become concerned that for some reason my legs will forget how to move at an anything but glacial pace and crumble beneath my body. 

Since I haven't lived in the valley in, what 5 1/2 years, I don't have a nice route I like yet. So instead of heading down the street with no end of the running-route in site, I choose the safe alternative, a track. 

This way I know exactly how far I've run and how many more laps I have to push through before the run is complete.

I pumped myself up as much as possible,

gave the old legs a good stretch, and then started on my merry way.  Three miles later, I felt great and once again proved to my body that I can jog 3 fabulous miles without any pain after a week without jogging. 


I Must Resume my pre-Christmas 6
The week prior to the Christmas break Reese's and I were pushing out 6 miles every other night at a decent time.  It was painful though.  My legs needed an extra day to recover so I missed out on total weekly mileage that I hoped to gain in December.

October mileage:  45 miles
November mileage:  36 miles
December mileage:  40 miles

I wanted to be at 75 miles by the end of December, but what can I say, the holidays get the best of me.  This week's goal:  hit 20 miles.  Now, what should be my starting day to best set myself up for 20 mile success?  I did run 3 miles on Sunday, but that means I would have to finish my 20 miles by next Sunday.  Hmm.  Or, I could start my 20 mile goal today and have until next Tuesday to finish.

I'll start today.  Lets see if I can give the streets a mean 5 miles today!

Golden Ticket
So while I sit here and ponder how my 4 mile run will be through the hills, I've decided to turn on The Office.  Only in the past few months did I really find a true appreciation for this show and now I can't get enough.  I have replayed this clip atleast 3 times and it's still just as funny as the first time I saw it.

....now go tell somebody a knock knock joke. 


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