What do you get at Dave & Busters?

Dave & Busters
Personally, I have never experienced the joy that is Dave & Busters.  Always wanted to emerse myself in the air that is D&B, but whenever friends were going I was never of age.  I have however heard stories of the adult Peter Piper Pizza-like atmosphere and I would like to walk in and feel the adult glory of winning skee ball while drinking an ice cold XX. 

Thanks to my cousin's wives (who were all in town for Christmas this year.  Praise the Lord there are other females around!  I can only handle so many years of hunting and fishing DVDs.) I have finally learned that skee ball is in fact the game that I have loved since childhood....just never realized the proper name.  Thank you ladies.

So I was on my 5-miler, the beginning of my 20 miles for the week adventure, and I didn't vomit OR die so I consider it a success.  I'm not use to running in the hill country so I ran as slow as I possibly could as I trudged my heavy body up and body hill after hill! 

You may wonder what does the 5 miles of hellish hill work have to do with D&B, just hold on, I'm gettin' there.

After my day of lovely mileage, I slammed myself onto the couch to cool off.  When I looked down I noticed I had a logo on the socks I was wearing. 

My dog was also shocked about the logo, and the flash of my camera.  She's not very photogenic.  Anywho.  So I found out that the socks I had jacked from my brother-in-law's drawer were D&B socks.  I just wouldn't think when you went to D&B you would turn your tickets in for....socks?  Hm.  Maybe his feet were cold that night.

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  1. Anonymous3.1.11

    those are my socks freak! We decided to go bowling upstairs and I was wearing flops so we had to purchase some....and D&Bs is amazing! You have to experience it soon - it's too fun!

    Finally catching up on you and Reeses blogs! yay :)