8 Miles Closer to Austin

God is Good
Holy smokes! I just got back from an 8 mile run and I'm feeling great!  No leg pain, no vomiting, and most importantly (as usual) I did....not...DIE!

I knew it was going to be a good run because my morale was so high I passed up a quarter on the street.

Usually I would stop and gleefully rescued that quarter from it's boring life, and once I stop running I don't start back up again.  So that would have been the end of my run.  Oh, but today was a good day for running.  I saw the quarter, had a small moment of greed, then pushed on to complete my long run for the day.  I'm sure a homeless person will enjoy that quarter more-so than I, even though it would have made a stunning addition to my quarter collection.

(This is not my collection I'll have you know.  Those of you who know me, if my collecting ever gets to this point, call the authorities and put me in a home.)

I do in fact have a quarter collection, and yes you may tease me for it.  I've developed tough skin since college, I mean seriously, I couldn't have been the ONLY girl in the dorm with a quarter collection?

Anyhow, all quarters aside, it was a nice morning run.  The streets were clear and I only had one chance run-in with a car.  Kidding, I didn't run into it, but more importantly I successfully dodged it.


Don't put the phone down because Oprah said so.  Put the phone down because when I'm running and my Garmin strikes 5.0 miles, I no longer am aware of my surroundings.  More-so my main focus at that point is surviving my run.  I stare at my feet in pure awe that they have not crumbled below me after hustlin' down the street for so long.  So please, don't text and drive....I'm too exhausted to dodge vehicles and will choose death before leaping out of the way. 

If that plea to put your phone down didn't work, think about this.  You hit and kill a runner, you're totally going to jail....and then... I will haunt you from your jail cell!


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