There's no Outsmarting Mother Nature

A Dedication
Today was not a good day for Ben Campos.

A good friend of mine, radio broadcast enthusiast, BBQ extraordinaire, and leader at the forefront for the fight against Diabetes.  His shipments for work did not arrive on time this morning, thus making him late to work, and enabling him to only meeting with 2 of his 13 clients.

It was already a sad day for Campos, but then.... oh but then, he lost his wallet.  Now he could not fight San Antonio 5-o-clock traffic, get to his quaint little home in NB, and pour himself a glass of whiskey to cool down.  For not only had he drank all of his fabulous whiskey already, but he had no identification, or money for that matter, to purchase another bottle.

Poor Benji.  (Awww....poor Nana)

Well ya know what Campos, life's tough and I got a chapped face from wind brutality tonight so I win the 'bad day' story!

The Story
This evening, Reese's and myself planned on hitting the pavement for a good, strong, 6 miles.  We thought we were well on our way to a 20 mile week; little did we know, we were walking on thin ice tonight.  The wind had been blowing all day long as though hurricane Rita was trying to make a 2nd appearance, literally trees....were....BENT.

So! We thought we would outsmart the wind by changing our usual running route.  We would use the gale force winds to our advantage and run with the wind to our backs!  Ha!  Take THAT Mother Nature!

The Fool-Proof Plan
1.  Drive to a flat location where we will be shielded from the north wind.

2.  Park one vehicle (and pray it wouldn't get stolen) at a gas station and drive 6 miles in vehicle 2.

3.  After parking vehicle two at the always reliable Whataburger (and praying it too would still be there after the run was complete), we were confident our run was going to be successful.

Houston we have a Problem
Mile 1:  The legs were warming up, minor pain, but manageable by running on my toes.
Mile 2:  Still going strong. Feeling confident that the wind would be at our backs for the entire 6 miles.
Mile 3:  I realize the key to vehicle 1 (my vehicle) was in fact left and locked inside vehicle 2 (Reeses' vehicle parked at Whataburger)...so yeah....it was my fault.

I yell at Reese's that there will be a change in plans.  She glares at me but accepts the change and handles herself like a lady.  So around we turned to face the hateful traffic that threatened our lives each and every minute of the run.  By the way, what the heck kind of city has sporadically placed sidewalks?!  Between switching from sidewalk to pavement running 1 billion times and 27 mph wind, let me repeat that.....

27 miles per freakin' hour

After careful consideration by Reese's and myself, we decided 27 could be rounded up to 30, which was BASICALLY 50 mph winds!  50 MILES PER HOUR!  Whew, I'm surprised we didn't blow away!

Holy moly! so THAT'S what 27, I mean 50 mph wind feels like!  It's like Mother Nature was slapping us in the face for being stupid and trying to trick her.

Excuse me.  Back to running back towards vehicle 2.  From then on each step I took was painful, each stride was short.  There was NO WAY IN HADES I was running in these conditions for 3 more miles.

Mile 4:  FML.  I was done with that run!  After that it only took 40 minutes to walk back to the car, against the wind.

Now, we are both on our way to ear infections and bitter we didn't listen to our inner binge-eating, wine-drinking selves when they said, "Skip the run! Go back home, open a bottle of vino, and watch the season finale of Housewives."

When will I learn to listen to my inner binge-eater?  WHEN!?

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