Lookin' Good Nurse's Style

Today, Tuesday the 11th of January, was orientation for the nursing cohort that begin the program spring 2011. 

From 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 80 brand new, nervous, nursing students crowded into a lecture hall to hear how the next 2 years of our lives....would suck.

A large cup of coffee and 4 1/2 hours of hearing all the different ways we could make nursing school easier, I headed to the bookstore to purchase my arsenal for a semester of trying not to kill people by giving them the wrong meds. 

$700 later, I was in the midst of a financial panic attack.

Something Positive
After swinging by the uniform store and dropping another wad of cash, only one thing about today brightened my day.

TAA-DAA!  Yep.  A pink stethoscope!  Wow, that's very girlie of me.  Hmm....something's not right.


  1. That is really cute! The same thing happens to me occasionally!

  2. Anonymous1.2.11

    Caroline! I've just discovered your blog and I really liked findind someone in a similar situation than me! I'm beginning to run too, and I'm also a future nurse! :D
    I've finishing this year but you have to think that University will pass and you won't almost notice it! :) Keep in touch !judith

  3. Hey Judith,

    I love it when I come across other beginner runners like myself! OMG and I'm so jealous you're finishing your nursing program, how did you handle the stress?!

    Good luck with everything!