Life is Full of Valuable Lessons

Just Say No
As a kid from the dirty south, I mean the Valley, I grew up with the saying, "Just say no"  [to drugs, to sex, to strangers, to unwed pregnancies, etc, etc.] drilled into my brain....on a weekly basis.  Read about the stuff going on in the Valley now and you will be astonished I came out of that place alive and not on anything.

Aww, but it will always be home sweet home.  Ha!

Yes now, where was I?  Oh!  Just say no.  This saying has come back to kick me in my adult behind.  Not because I took candy from a drug dealer on the corner, but because I didn't listen to my (fairly intelligent) conscious answer when I asked, "Hmm, it's 4:30 p.m. in the hottest place on Earth, think I should go for a light yog?" 

Conscious was screaming, "No! No! No!"

(Yes, I do see my inner self as a screaming little red-faced, blond, 5 year old... kidding! Sort of.)

But really, Conscious was screaming, "No! No! No!" 
Aww, but I have always been a star when it comes to ignoring people when told what to do.  (A thousand apologizes Mom & Dad, I know my teen years weren't easy on any of us.)

So out the door I walked, running gear on and sun glasses glued to my head.  I should have taken the maintenance man's obvious look of dismay (that I was walking out the door in workout gear) as a hint that this was not what the universe wanted me to  be doing at 4:30 in the afternoon.  Instead, I waved hello and hit the pavement. 

Not Even a Mile
A tenth of a mile into the 2 mile run I cranked up my jams a little louder to muffle the sounds of the 40 year old wheezing man who trailed behind me.  1.5 miles later, I still couldn't shake the old guy.

I'm Alive
So I did survive just in case you were wondering.  I have no clue how I ran a happy 6 miles on Monday and today I barely survived 2.  So instead of running another 4 miles in the sun to match my Monday-6, I'm 30 minutes into icing my knees with a fabulous bag I pulled from my freezer, H-E-B frozen Sliced Zucchini.  I'm never going to cook these, they cradle my knees so perfectly.

A word to the wise.....always run at night....ALWAYS!

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