Runnin' in the Rain is NOT like Dancin' in the Rain

6 Mile Saturday
After a fabulous day of sleeping, working, and studying I set out with my good friend Reese's to hit the pavement for 6 miles.  Neither of us were too thrilled about the run, considering Reese's just got a new dog from the very well-run and very caring French Bulldog Rescue Network of Houston, Texas. 

A sweet little Frenchie (with a little Boston in her I'm pretty sure) Miss Bordot (bor-doe) to be specific.  A 6 year old, house broken, polite, little lady who was more than pleased to have a good place to call home.  What the HELL was I thinking getting a puppy.  Maddie and I were at war the first 6 months of her life attempting to house break her.  Then we had the whole "lady time" to deal with.  Girls, we think it's bad being human, dogs have their "lady time" for a full two weeks.  Again, what was I thinking getting a puppy.

So back to the run, Reese's was a little preoccupied loving her new pup Bordot and I...well, I just wanted to sit on my couch and be lazy.  What can I say, I like being curled up in a fluffy blanket with a good movie...and not be physically active. 

Against both of our inner lazy couch potato selves, we hit the pavement at 7:00 p.m.  We set out in our favorite running conditions, chilly and under the cover of darkness.  That chilly darkness however quickly changed to rainy darkness....rainy, cold, darkness. 

Mind over Matter....right?
The 1st mile was better than tolerable, it was happy!  By 1.2 miles, my legs felt like lead and I wondered when they would snap beneath my little lead-like body.  So I thought, come on Nurse, you just have to get through 3 miles and then you won't feel anything but the wind at your back and rain cooling you off! 

Mile 1.5... the hypothetical lead in my legs was rapidly taking over my lower half like the plague sweeping through England.  Lets just say I have a hard time with the concept "Mind over matter."  Wait?  What's that you say intelligent runner who lives somewhere inside me...."Why don't you try not running like a flat-footed clown." 

I love that smart inner voice that demands to be heard from time to time!  So up on the tips of my toes I went!  And lo and behold...thank ya Jesus! My leg pain fluttered away.  Somebody call Hollywood, there's a new champ in town!

Mind over matter...Aw hell let's give it one more shot
As the leg pain left my body I started to notice the pavement glittering at me.  Oh how I love staring at the pavement when I run, knowing it's just me and the street, no phone calls, no text messages, and best of all, no email!  Such a great escape. 

Tonight, though, the pavement looked a little different.  There weren't the normal dust and dirt or dog poop to dodge, it was glistening, no no, it was sparkling!  Then I thought, "Oh how pretty!  The small rocks of pavement remind me a sparkling diamonds!" 

And I love me some diamonds!  Then, it hit me, I'M RUNNING IN THE RAIN!  What was I thinking?  This was a perfect position for me to become a crippled, non-runner!  Lets just say Grace is not my middle name!  I fall, I trip, I am a klutz, the world was not set up for a girl like me!  So then paranoia sank in and I just KNEW I was going to bust it at any minute!  So every puddle that came and every mud-pie that I could slip and break mys face on I slowed down, did a little dance, and passed by it without injury. 

6 miles later, Reese's and I finished the run and walked back to my apartment feeling great!  It's taken 6+ months to get comfortable running 6 miles but I'm glad I ran through the pain, because it's totally worth it!!!

Now I sit happily icing my legs with my good friends frozen sliced zucchini and frozen mixed vegetables.  Moral of my story, when the lead in your legs threatens to go English plague on your ass, run on your toes for a while and you'll definitely notice the difference.  See ya plague!

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