Hola 2011, Que Tal?

So Long 2010
I must say first and foremost I've never been a big fan of new years resolutions.  I just figure if it's a choice in life you NEED to make, you probably should have done it by now.  However, lets have a few moments of hypocrisy why don't we.  Lets get real, there are a few things I want to say goodbye to from the year 2010.  You reader, are my witness, for these goodbyes will no longer be a part of my life after today!

So long pajama jeans...

I may have had one brief moment of lunacy and said I would purchase you, but I have regained a competent mental health status and will now boycott you until you are no more!

So long poor dietary choices before races.

Reese's and I, no matter how hard we will in fact try to enable the other runner, will no longer inhale mounds of candy, cake, wine, and crap-food in general the night before a big race (eg. The Austin Marathon and 1/2 Marathon).  It will be tough, I do LOVE a wheel of Brei pre-run.  Yeah...an entire wheel.  Who eats just one slice of Brei anyway?  Psh, once I start something I'm no quitter.

Hello 2011
Now I'm onto greener pastures in 2011.  Pastures where monthly mileage totals exceed 50 miles, legs are toned and "golden," and I get to slide into those blue scrubs with the A&M logo attached.  I... can't... wait!

I kicked off running 2011 with a solid 6 miler, thankfully it was pain free.  I must say I am pretty impressed with my body's ability to stay alive since I've started running this past year, I was sure it would have collapsed from exhaustion by now.

So, it seems like just yesterday I couldn't run a single mile without wanting to die.  It also seems like just yesterday when I couldn't run 3 miles without severe leg pain.  Yet, after 7 months of yogging my booty off, I'm running a solid 6 miles, no stopping, no walking, no pain, and most shockingly no wheezing.  I'm usually a big wheezer when it comes to running.  When I first started running it sounded like a 40 year old chronic smoker who puts away 2 packs a day was attempting to sneak up behind me. 

After a quick glance over my shoulder I realized....Oh!  It's just me making that awful wheezing noise.  Trust me, the no wheezing is a HUGE step for me.  Or, it could have something to do with the fact I've turned up my iPod volume since the "smoker" tried to catch me months ago.  Ohhh the mysteries of life.

So.  If you've just started running, don't stop!  It WILL get better.  Slowly but surely is my motto.


  1. Anonymous5.1.11

    I love your blog..makes me see what it's like in that head of yours. I need to start running again..who are you listening to these days to keep you moving? Kiley

  2. I seriously almost bought you pajama jeans as your bday present. Hahahahahhaha. They just scream something that you and Sari would love!

  3. Kiley,

    It's a weird world in this head. Uh. How's life?! Can't wait to hang. Oh, and today 6 miles of Mumford & Sons was A-mazing!