Aggies versus Islanders

Will the real Texas A&M please stand up
I'm sorry, that was rude...I do love being an Islander. Yet after living in College Station for 2 years and being engulfed in Aggie-pride on a daily basis, I couldn't help but feel torn when I attended the 2010 Aggies v. Islanders basketball game.

Each team did well. The Islanders really gave it their best shot and I feel I cheered equally as possible for both teams! In the end...Aggs took the game 86-65.

1st I must commend the Islander fans. There was an entire cheering section, the band was in rare form, and the American Bank Center was packed! So being the great game that it was, I was a little shocked by the halftime show. The cheerleaders went out and did their thing, then they aloud the dance squad to go out and shake it for a few minutes, but then....something very strange happened.

#1 turn the volume down, people (ie. myself) get a little out of control with the cheering.

#2 I apologize for the brief moments of foul language or perversion.

If anyone knows why this event happened, please let me know.

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