Runner's Gear Update

Recently Reese's and another good friend Mills ran the San Antonio Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon! I got to hear all about it when Reese's came back into town and I'm am SOOOO jealous. Consider me rockin' and rollin' in SA next November!

Anyhow, apparently the two 1/2 marathon divas made a very interesting purchase before the race...The Spy Belt.

Now this dude has and ultra shiny one, which I don't have great feelings about, but he models well, and he's a fellow blogger, so I wanted to use his pic! Click Spy Belt above and you can see all of his Spy Belt modeling...very runway.

By now you all know my personal feelings about fanny packs in general, but especially while running. So Reese's went on and on about how wonderful her Spy Belt was during the 1/2 marathon, how it didn't move an inch on her body, stored several items with it's stretch-to-max-capacity feature, and most importantly didn't have the typical fanny pack "bounce."

I mean look at this guy. You know once he gets going on his power-walk through Disney World, or wherever he's touring this summer, that fanny pack will start to bounce up, then fall and hit his hip with each and ever powerful stride!

Yes...I Sported the Fanny
Naturally after all this Spy Belt talking up, I decided to borrow Reese's and try it out for a test run....and yes, I was ashamed! I just kept telling myself I was testing a new product and no one knows me here anyway, other than my homeless friends. If they would have made fun of my fanny pack I would have been crushed!

Fanny History
I haven't worn a fanny pack since I was 6, quite adorable if I do say so myself, and it was a black bear fanny pack that I loved deeply.

No this isn't a picture of me, but it sings such a familiar tune of a happy child hood, all held together by a little black bear. Then one sad day, someone (probably my older sister) informed me I was a loser and should ditch the bear that I so lovingly wore around my waste. It was a sad day to say the least.

Fanny-ing as an Adult
So I was skeptical as to whether or not this Spy Belt fanny would actually hold the amount of junk Reese's had claimed. Here is what I took. Now my iPhone was also placed in the Spy Belt for my run, but I had to use something to take the picture, so it's not included below.

You see the Spy Belt? The little strap there? It held all of that crap and my iPhone without any trouble. Yes, I did have to tighten that thing up as much as it would allow, but it's....dare I say....worth the shame of wearing a fanny pack to have all your running necessities strapped to your body.

3.5 miles of slamming my feet against the pavement and the fanny pack never snapped off my body and I never experienced any such "bounce." Twas a good day for running.

On an Even Happier Note
I found the most delightful salsa at H-E-B. Hell on the Red, party dip-mild. Needless to say I just about party dipped my way into a stomach coma last night. You have to be careful when you're around me and my salsa...I get like a cornered raccoon....and just attack!


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