A Bay-side Run for a Beach-side Nurse

As you can see from the title, I've switched-up my running locale to a more entertaining and visually pleasing bay-side jog down the boardwalk.

I love to say boardwalk! It makes me feel like I'm a California-girl, or Katie Perry, and jogging down the fabulous Cali boardwalk...

...even though downtown Corpus is nothing to be ashamed of, but lets get real. The Corpus Christi boardwalk isn't full of California's so-called "beautiful people," it is actually crawling with homeless people.

(I feel for homeless people, considering rumor has it that a good majority of truly homeless, not looking for a job or a home-people have some sort of mental illness.)

But it can still be pretty creepy when you're jogging happily down the boardwalk and you suddenly catch a whiff of something. Is that rotten eggs I smell? No! A skunk! Oh my gosh there's a skunk trying to spray me! And it turns out 5 homeless men REALLY want to make friends with you.

Maybe I'll start bringing little travel soap bars with me and hand them out on my next run? It could be an every other day deal where I bring a little gift? Hmm....

Corpus Christi Boardwalk
So I'm really diggin' my boardwalk jogs so far. Since I see the boardwalk potential for runners I'm really going to sell it to any CC runners out there! When you're running 4 miles, things get really boring. I also think this is one of the reasons I was so desperate to change jogging locations, I ran out of new things to look at!

So here is what I came across since the switch from Ennis to Boardwalk.

As you're running down this beautiful bay-side scenery, you can check out the solar system....yup, the solar system. All 8 planets, but I still count Pluto, line the boardwalk, each accompanied with a bio about the planet...just in case you never got a chance to attend 3rd grade. Aw! They did it for the homeless people. Duh!

Why, might you ask? The answer my friends, is I have no flippin' idea! A waste of money if you ask me. They could have mile markers or bike lanes, or something!! But the planets? Someone made a donation to the city and thought that PLANETS would be a good way of spending that money.

So Pluto has always been my favorite, even though Chuck Norris round house kicked it down a size, throwing off all U.S. science classes!!

So naturally I had to stop and read about it. Oh! And did I forget to mention I was out of breath and exhausted from running in the sun...it's just not something I like.

...What can I say I'm trying to turn a new leaf.

So by the end of my run I gladly stopped in a little bay-side cabana.

To my demise, the water fountain was broken so I heaved my heavy body on down the road, met a bird...something about birds here...I just love 'em!

Then stopped at the next homeless man-less cabana and guzzled some good old fashioned H2O. Aww, I swear it was an amazing drink. I mean what do they put IN that stuff!! No wonder the homeless guys are all so chipper.

In the end...
I love Pluto.

And I love Chuck, because in all seriousness...

Good day to you all!


  1. There are 9 planets counting Pluto. Just saying.

  2. But now it's 8...a sad measly 8. I guess that's what happens when you mix blogging and wine...you get an old planet total of 8. Errr. Incorrect. Lo siento.