No-Shave November. Yeahhhhh!

I Love Being a Lady
Yes there are the occasional down-sides of being a girl, like:

1. People expect you to be lady-like (including abstaining from burping and engaging in active flatulence)

2. People assume you always look good....MYTH. Don't get me wrong, I like being clean and dressing up to go out for a night on the town, but come on, who puts make-up on EVERYDAY?! It's just not my thing. To me, make up is somewhat like false advertising.

For example: You go out and meet people when you're all dressed up. After a solid 12 hours of sleep, my hair has taken on a Madusa-like personality...

...and my make up is totally gone and people from the night before want to grab lunch...I don't look ANYTHING like I did the night before. False advertising at it's best.

1. But the great thing about being a girl is you don't have thick, nasty hair on your face.

Well...this is usually the case.

2. Ladies never have to turn our heads and cough.

November, a month without sexism
November has a wonderful air that follows it. Not just the cool air of fall, but the air of equality! Yes, Thanksgiving is a huge day in November...but it's only 1 day. There's another phenomena that has come with the entire month of November, and that phenomena is:

An entire month where men commit to not shaving their beards.

I say ladies, that we rise up and participate! No-shave November could also be known for ladies as Nothing-But-Long-Pants-November...so no children are scared in the making of this new tradition for the legs of ladies.

Of course I am kidding.

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  1. Apparently there has been some sudden panic with this blog post, so I would just like to clarify. Lady-version of no-shave-November would strictly pertain to the legs.