Mojo say what?

I Got my Mojo Back Yall!

My running mojo that is.
Since getting sick I haven't had the chance to hit the street like I should for about 7 or 8 days so I've been concerned I would totally regress back to a poor-health state.

I'm glad to say I hit 4 miles with ease today...

...and my Mueller will get a chance to switch from one knee to the next like it use to before the illness.

Aww never thought I would be happy to feel my legs hurt.

No More Boring Runs!
I'm so tired of running down my typical track of ugly-ville by my apartment, so as of today I'm doing a new running route closer to the ocean.

Today was a nice drive to the boardwalk so I could stare at kids rolling down a hill in metal tubes. It was hilarious...I'm sure at least one arm HAD to have been broken.

Mile 1. I noticed a massive boat, barge, I'm not sure what the official term for it, but I was so excited I took a rough pic. Now yes, it was a tad gloomy out today, but just perfect for a yog.

Mile 2.5. Now this little fella was my favorite. He was so determined to catch a fish he stood amazingly still. Yes he did get a little freaked that some heavy-breathing woman was stopping and taking pictures of him, but whatever he'll get over it. All I know is if I stood that still staring into the water for 5 straight minutes I would have a serious crick in my neck, and then I'd probably be too mad about it to eat my fish!

Mile 3. Ok the road home was my real favorite part of the yog.

The wind wasn't pushing against me and I got to stare at the boats. Tuesday I plan on going into the boat yard! Mua-hahaha. Maybe I will meet a handsome captain...hmmm

Mile 4. Ended with rain pouring down on me, which wasn't all that bad, other than the fact I couldn't see too well. Overall, a very successful run.

21st Century Phenomena
Adult wipes. I just can't quite wrap my mind around a marketing scheme for these up and coming adult wipes, that are repackaged baby wipes. I thought being an adult meant you could properly wipe your a** and not leave any goodness behind?

Well let's get real I made fun of my cousin for using baby wipes for years and now there might be a box of Cottonelle Fresh adult wipes in my bano.

It all started with a coupon for a free box...I think the ad campaign is called, get fresh with a friend? Hm that saying could be used in more ways that one.

They do leave you incredibly fresh though. So here's the link I went to and got my free box.

Cottonelle FREE Adult Butt Wipes....You know you want 'em.

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