Mission not-so Impossible

Your mission if you so choose to accept it is a difficult one, and will take a mind-bottling amount of training and self-control. People involved: myself and good running amigo Running Off the Reese's.

Mission: SMOKE my brother-in-law, Ben O'Kane, at the 2nd Annual Sites & Sounds 5K race, San Marcos, Texas, December 5th, 2010.

Possible Mission-Inhibitors: Mr. O'Kane AKA: The Culprit.

He may very-well be what Reese's and I like to refer to.... "Secret Running." Secret Running involves the secret training for a race while subsequently trash talking your opponents, so when the said secret runner does EXTREMELY well at a race, it is falsely viewed as natural running ability.

Don't worry. Reese's and I are on top of this mission and always prepare for mission complications by having an inside man.

Inside Man: Our inside man is Mrs. O'kane. Yes, somehow this secret running buffoon found a woman and conned her into being his wife. Her 1st name must remain anonymous so we will call her... Agent X, or more commonly known on the streets as the Angel of Death.

She informs us on the weight-loss and running, or lack thereof that The Culprit has been involved in. You can always count on your sister to tell you the low-down on her husband's possible secret running techniques.

Sadly, I still fear the worst. I believe The Culprit really is secret running but knows Agent X's loyalty remains to her blood-family.

We will have to see.

Your Mission!
I need speed-training techniques! I'm totally down for any speed-training tips out there! Email, post, whatev! I can't lose this race to Mr. O'Kane....I just CAN'T!

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