Back In the Saddle

It's been 11 Days Since my Last Confession
Forgive me for I haven't blogged in almost a fortnight. Sadly I was cursed with the infamous....flu. So being a damsel in distress that I was....

I called my mother and pathetically told her if she wanted to come to Corpus she was more than welcome to. Of course this was via text considering I was a little tied up having flu-like symptoms.

Being the good mama she is....she packed her clothes, slammed her stuff in the suburban, and waved at my dad as she flew out the gate to nurse her sick child back to health. I can just see her blue mom-burban now, flying down 37 and takin' no prisoners when it came to puttin the pedal to the medal!

Is that the correct saying? The pedal to the medal? Or is it the medal to the pedal?

Surprisingly good ole Speed Racer Sue

AKA the Irish Bride:

didn't get a ticket on her way to save me....or so she says. Wait....she never DID say..hmm.

Back In the Saddle I Go

So I didn't exactly fall off a horse...I've never ridden one.

Horses scare me.

But I was down and unable to run for an entire week (3 days of Wurstfest and 4 days of flu). So I got back in the saddle, or I got back in the shoes today and hit the pavement.

Initially I was concerned, thinking my legs would have retreated back to their normal couch-potato-likeness and snap beneath my weight.....but we stood strong! I'm effing strong! (Muahahah).

I will officially be adding Muhammad to my list of aliases.

Only 2 miles....but it was 2 miles in 20 minutes after 6 pounds of fluid loss.

Yeah.....6! What was that? Did someone just call me skinny? Oh stop.

Question of the hour
In the time it's taken me to draft this post I have become shockingly aware of the thought process men have when it comes to a woman's.....weight.

Yeah, ya heard me....a female's scale-number, the 3-digit doomsday number, whatever you want to call it. Whether the female is a friend, girlfriend, fiance, or wife, it seems as though men have a sad misconception about how much we females should weigh. They think we are models. Seriously. Whew.

Ladies, never share your real weight with them....NO MATTER WHAT. They think we're all 105 pounds, or at least that seems to be the general consensus.

Whew...I'm going to be strong and say it. I weigh...

WHOA! I actually wrote out all of my credentials I guess you could call them. What was I thinking? So feel free to answer and those of you who know me...males especially I would really like to know your answer.

Riddle me this: How much do you think a 22 year old female, 5 ft 2 in tall, weighs?

(No judgment boys, promise)


  1. Thank you Peyton. We ladies appreciate your opinion. Ps I'm just assuming you're male. Sorry if this isn't the case.