Dear Thanksgiving...

Dear Thanksgiving Holiday,

You may have the turkey, the stuffing, the amazing mashed potatoes made with sour cream and 4 sticks of real butter. You may have every family recipe, each home-made by my 79 year old grandmother so it has an extra hint of tender love and care, but I...I have a plan!

When a 5k Slaps you Square in the Face
This morning I headed off with my newest running amigo, Mary, to the 1st Annual L.E.G.A.C.Y. 1 mile, 5k, and 10k run. For being the 1st annual run it had a fairly decent turn out, and they handed out lots of prizes! I couldn't believe how many donations they must have received, plus all the proceeds went to preventing child abuse....how amazing!

So, I wasn't too concerned about pushing through a 3 miler, considering I've been running 4 miles with ease this past week. That so called "lack of concern" came to dead and vengeful halt when I started running down the pavement around 8:00 a.m..

The Shin Splint Fairy, you remember him?

Well he came back to stamp on my shins the entire 3.1 miles of the race. I was mad as hell, hot, and had the beautiful Corpus Christi sun staring into my eyes the entire race. You could have called me Bitter Betty until I turned the corner to complete the race and met a fabulous cheering section of already-complete 1 mile and 5k runners. I love a good cheering section! They can really make a race.

Post Run
So after my embarrassing 3.15 miles in 34 minutes, I decided to get my act together. I cannot allow myself to slip through the cracks of the holidays, no matter how much I love to get off the running wagon from time to time.

I must maintain a decent speed at 4 miles, in prep for the Sites and Sounds 5k in December. I must also not lose momentum for my 1/2 marathon in February.

The Plan
Just take it 1 holiday at a time. Thanksgiving I will follow my week 5 training as I have been doing for the past few weeks.

I WILL complete 16 miles during the week of Thanksgiving, and I WILL not overindulge on Thanksgiving treats, like pumpkin pie....oh pumpkin pie, how I've missed you!

Wanna Avoid the Turkey-binge?
Or just keep track of your running? I love the Daily Mile. It's a great way to track your mileage.

Daily Mile Turkey Trot Goal

Wish me luck....I know myself, and I'm going to need it to push out 16 miles the week of glorious food.

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