No-Shave November Part 2

Just 1 of the Many Benefits of No-Shave November
I have come to know that it NEVER gets cold in Corpus Christi, Texas. New Braunfels rubbed that fact in my face when I was jogging there last weekend....it was below 70 degrees outside....Heaven. (Which is why No-shave November has come just in time to keep all those legs warm during the long jogs).

Today however, is a new day for Corpus! It is officially 63 degrees out with and 89% humidity.

Oh! AND it's raining...so I get to wear rain boots. Double-yay!!

AKA: A Fabulous day (with a capital F) for an outside jog. Today's jog is a 4-miler. I'll admit I'm really nervous about how it will go. You just never know...let me rephrase, I just never know if my body will want to jog on a day-to-day basis, so I just have to pray that it does. Add on the fact that there is heat and utterly-hellacious humidity here in Corpus and that can equal or horrendous run no matter how physically fit you are (which I am not...humidity+an unfit bod=two strikes for me!)

There's Hope
So there is a little hope in my heart for tonight's run. Part of the hope is that I think it will be nice and cool out, there will still be humidity, but at least it won't be humid AND 90 degrees outside.

My second bit of hope is this.

I know if my body hustled down the street for 5 solid miles last weekend, I've got to be able to do it again tonight right?

Let's hope.

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