New "Nursing" Shoes & an iPad?

"Nursing" Shoes

Considering this blog is suppose to be about nursing, I will claim that the new shoes I bought today are for the purpose of racing through a hospital saving lives.

The real reason for my purchase is that I have been running in the same shoes for 3 years. Apparently when you are training for these 1/2 marathons you should be changing out your shoes every so many months, or every so many miles run. Also, the past week I have been attacked by the infamous Shin Splint Villon. After speaking with my bff/old college roommate and Running Off the Reese's, I decided to purchase new running shoes!

I found them at a Rio Grande Valley Academy this morning and I hope and pray these shoes will help me escape the Shin Splint Villon.

Oh! I take back the "only buying these shoes for running" excuse. I DID buy these shoes for nursing! I have an interview with Bay Area Hospital in the Heart Hospital area to be a volunteer. I WILL have to wear good shoes that I can be in for long hours. How exciting! I officially have 2 good reasons for buying new shoes today!

HESI Update
I am through sections 1-3 of the HESI study guide: reading, grammar and math. Tonight I will conquer biology and anatomy. I am getting more and more confident as the day goes by that this exam will not whip my bootay.

My grandmother from the Valley, Meemee (all family members should note the spelling...which is correct), is sitting next to me on her couch with her Dell net book out, racing the web! I'm surprised she's not out web gambling....or maybe she is and we just don't know about it.

Now Meemee doesn't waste her time going to the local Bingo joint.

She is the electronics connoisseur. She's the grandma who keeps up with the latest trend! I love it! If you have an urgent message, don't hesitate to call, text or email because she will respond on her iPhone within minutes. She sports her iPhone wherever she goes and loves to chat via Bluetooth when she's cruising the streets in her Cadi.

This facial expression is so accurate for Meemee. I think she must have been a race car driver in a former life. And don't you think for one minute that she drives an "old lady" Cadillac, she cruises in style.

Adda-girl Meemee...adda-girl.

Back to the iPad talk. She received an email saying that you can receive a free iPad. We aren't sure if it's a scam yet. Here is the link to try yourself if you're interested. I'm going to try it and I'll let you know if I have success or not.

Free iPad Offer.

Today's Goal: Run 4 miles in my new kicks!

Today's Obsession:
Figuring out if this iPad thing is for real!!

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