Sometimes the WurstRuns are the best runs!
And no I'm not talking about bowel issues

...A celebratory dinner and a bottle of wine later, Reese's and I were expected to run a 5 mile race the this morning. Twas the WurstRun.

And it twas amazing...to say the least.

Weather: Perfect. Who doesn't want to run in a beautiful, cool place where humidity is unheard of!

Trail: Perfect. Only 1 real hill, and it didn't even take anything out of me because it was so nice and cool out!

Start: So naturally Reese's and I were super revved about running our first race since training started this summer and we were all geared-up. We were equipped with all the regulars that run with us, Garmin, BondiBand, iPod, and moleskin.

We started out strong at a 10 minute/mile pace...which terrified me. I don't like to feel tired and I knew if we kept up the 10 minute pace I was be EXHAUSTED. So naturally Reese's took off down the street while I stayed firmly at my 10 minute/30 second pace. Hmm...I'm pretty sure it's accurate to say she has a competitive side when it comes to running.

Mid-run: It's crazy what you learn during your first race. Apparently people just start running with you...people that you don't know. I was halfway into mile 3 and I notice a man running right next to me. Me being a 1 person per bubble kind of gal, I tried to speed up a little to get him out of my bubble. I mean seriously....get your own bubble.

So when I sped up...he sped up.

I slowed down....he slowed down. It was hard not to look over and say...

"Ok what gives dude! I'm trying to run a race here!"

Only thing was, I can't talk and run at the same time...it messes up my rhythm. So I gave it one more try at losing the guy with no avail. So I figure when God gives you lemons....or a random runner who is hell-bent on running with you... ya might as well make some freaking lemonade!

So we ran a good mile together and when one person sped up, the other followed suit and we quickened our pace to a 9.40/mile for mile number 4.

If this would have happened in any other setting, I would have kung-fued his ass thinking he was out for the big rape!

Crazy things you learn during your first race.

End: As I jogged towards the finish line Reese's cheered me on from the side lines, took pictures, and made me feel like I'd just run a marathon....only divided by 5 times the mileage. I finished my 5 miles in 52 minutes. I am super proud of myself JUST for finishing. I'll work on speed later.

Now I've always loved Wurstfest. So naturally I thought it appropriate to the run the WurstRun. What I didn't know is that Wurstfest would take it to an entirely new level of love and attachment. After the race you went to the nearest table and picked up a beer and sausage taco.

No joke! I mean it's my personal heaven. Cool weather, running, and beer! You just haven't lived until you've experienced this tripod of goodness.

Best of all, the greasy sausage won't go to your hips because, hey, you just ran 5 miles! Eat up. No chubby sausage lady here!

So now what?
So now back to life in Corpus. Keep training. I am officially signed up for the Austin 1/2 marathon in February.

Heads up Austin!

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