Running Gear is Weighing me Down I tell Ya

Weight is such a huge issue these days, I don't get why people make such a fuss and refuse to tell people....I mean, LIKE it's a big deal or something.

That there, what you just read above, was a joke by the way. If you thought for 2 seconds that I was going to tell you my weight you are out of your flippin' mind!

(lo siento por las palabras)

I WILL tell you however I feel heavier when I have my running gear on. Runners are crazy!

Runners are crazy enough as it is, who is their right mind would pay to run over 20 miles, AKA a marathon? So some of these already-crazy people just HAVE to take it to the next level of running craziness, by doing the unforgivable.

...Why do some people, you know you've seen them, run down the road with a full out FANNY PACK?!

It's still a fanny pack even if you slap a couple water bottles on it and say you're a runner...IT IS STILL A FANNY PACK....just say no!

Notice in the following photos, none of these people allow their faces to be in the picture. Hm I wonder why?

Obviously this model in Russia didn't get the no-fanny while running memo, and to add fuel to the fire put her dog in her fanny. What a fruit loop!

I wonder how many times that dog puked on the run?

Appropriate Running Gear
So I've decided on some appropriate running gadgets that won't weigh me down as much as usual. Oh yes, and these are all appropriate to wear in public and not shame your fellow runners...or yourself.

The Garmin...awwww

You've heard me talk about this magical gift from God several times now so I won't bore you.

The BondiBand

Ok yes, when you first put it on you feel a little silly, but after a 5 mile jog and there's no sweat dripping into your eyes, you'll sport it with pride.

iPod Shuffle

It's itsy-bitsy and fits comfortably on the back of your shorts while you run.


I feel like shoes weigh the most, but hell I guess you gotta have them to run.

Last but not least...
Don't forget to strategically place water on your route so you don't pass out mid-run. Be careful with this idea though, I couldn't find my water bottle last night on my run so I was parched. It was either hidden in some grass....or the homeless man got it. We shall never know.

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