It was nice knowin ya Scottie

Last Day of Training
So yesterday was our last day of training with the precious Scottie boy. We had a happy work out though, did some weights, I watched Reese's do some crunches, all in all, it was a bittersweet departure from the sweet little trainer.

We found out 2 things about Scott during the last training session:

1. Scott does in fact have a sense of humor.
As Reese's and I were doing these step up-downs on a box thing (great description I know) there was a guy, imagine that! A guy in a work out room, who woulda thought. Anyhow, so this guy in shorts and a shirt that was torn so all the other guys could see how big his muscles were, came up right next to us to do pull ups.

Now, I do realize just how hard pulls are....come to think of it I don't know if I could honestly do 1 pull up on my own.

So he starts doing a rapid set of pull ups and starts to do the I'm-a-tough-guy-in-a-gym grunt. If you know at all by now you know what I started thinking at this point...

Grunting in public is not only distracting for others, but it has the potential to really ruin a female's workout when you stand that close to her and grunt. I mean come on, who's not going to burst out in laughter?!

You know, as if grunting while you lift weights or do physical activity will make you appear stronger. Suddenly he finishes his set of 30 pull ups and grunts off and mumbles something under his breath. But having Reese's as a part of my workout crew you can count on her to pay close attention to detail, and catch all those important mumbles people make.

This was his mumble.

"I'm f***ing strong"


So obviously the theme for the rest of the workout (and probably for the rest of the week) was, "I'm effing strong." Note: If you're going to also use this theme for your day I request that you do so in a low, man-voice. Also be sure and growl a little....it really gives it the emphasis this saying needs.

Scott said that Reese's and I should get our personal training certificates and lead an exercise class...we could be called "Grunt and Sweat." Scott officially has a sense of humor and we love him for it.

Watch out Scott, we may just take you up on that and have the best workout class at TAMUCC.

Note: No girls under 135 pounds are aloud in the door....we don't like the skinnies.

2. Scott really is as sweet as he appears to be.
Scott proved his innocence once and for all when he asked what "fugly" meant. If you don't know...don't ask.

We will miss you sweet Scott.

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