Nerves are the Devil
I'm the queen of being totally prepared for things like school, exams, work and workouts (like long runs because I've been following a running schedule that prepares me for long runs at the beginning of each week), but I have this amazing ability to let fear and doubt take over my mind...every time something big is coming up...it has yet to fail.

Maybe I need to read this book.

Speaking of Books...
So speaking of books, I recently finished Memoirs According to Kathy Griffin...

I know...it's taken me long enough! I like to start several books at one time and either take a year to finish them all...or just all out stop half way through when a book gets boring and move onto another.

You could say my imagination needs constant stimulation... look, a butterfly!

Whoa. Ok, so Kathy is my favorite and I just can't get enough of her! Yes she's totally crude, rude and inappropriate, but come on! Who else will give you that brutal honesty these days? We should be besties lol...I could be her next Paris.

So my next book
I will start tonight, and finish in...hmm 9 months maybe, and is titled The Long Walk.

I saw the move based on off this book, "Seven Years in Tibet" with the delightful Brad Pitt when I was younger so I know it's a good story line, and based on a true story so it's even better!

Anyhow, it's just too bad Brad couldn't sit next to my bed and personally read me the book as I feel asleep at night...wow that would be my dream come true for sure! Of course I would request he wore his costume from Troy.

You KNOW he wears it around the house for Angelina!

We all have a Favorite Author
Ya know a favorite author of mine is The Pioneer Woman, and yes, she writes cook books. An I love to cook, so it's a good fit for the two of us. Today she was Tweeting away and mentioned, jokingly, writing a new book about her newest workout routine....jogging to the cattle guard and back. She believes there will be no audience for this publication. Girl! I wasn't called Mowgli because I was a prim and proper city lady who jogged down the paved sidewalks! I got to jog down a solid slab of DIRT and a pack of 6-9 dogs (depending on who made it without being killed that week via Parvo or my mom accidentally backing over them with the burban (aka: the blue death mobile). I would DEFINITELY read that book. Wouldn't you?

God save the Queen!

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