Runner's Knee...sounds awful don't ya think?

How did I hear about Runner's Knee?
Last night I went to dinner with a few people from town and met a new couple who had recently run the Harbor 1/2. Yes...the race I should have been running, but skipped out on training a few weeks...whoops! Anyhow after I found out it was definitely hot outside and the sun was shining that day, I happily ate cheese and drank Dr. Pepper with my sister by the pool that day.

I'm SUCH an athlete...what can I say.

So anyhow, this cute little running couple told me how much they loved the 1/2 marathon (hubby) and the 6 miles (wifey) that they ran. Anyway, they told me they had never heard of runner's knee until it happened to the wife the day of the race.

So what IS it Already?!
Runner's knee, formally named patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)...whew that's a mouthful, is basically awful pain in the knee cap from:

1) Overuse

2) Direct trauma

3) Misalignment

4) Problemos con tus patas

5) Weak thigh muscle...story of my life

I just looked this syndrome up, so yeah...just hearing "runner's knee" last night I assumed "ohhh, it's when you run 7 miles and your legs give out." Incorrect, I think that's just called "overdoing it."

Where another piece of running gear of course.

Now don't worry fam, when I get to THIS point in my running career...

...when I'm sitting on the sidewalk cursing my knee...I'll just give up and go back to enjoying not sweating and pushing my heavy body down the street every night. Lol...come to think of it...WAIT! No! I almost gave up pre-knee injury, whew, gotta be strong!

Quick Question
So riddle me this...why do awesome volleyball players wear things to protect them from runner's knee? They're not running anywhere.

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  1. Anonymous24.3.12

    Ha, now that's funny 'patas' is used for animal legs, or table legs. Human legs are piernas, but people do use patas as a jokey way of saying you have dodgy legs. Don't know if it was intentional but made me smile.