8 Hours

8 Hours
I slept 8 full hours last night...8 HOURS! I haven't slept 8 hours, without waking up, in...I can't remember how long. So after 8 beautiful

...restful hours of glorious sleep, I arose to cool air and the birds chirping...just call me Snow White from now on...wait, that was Cinderella.

As I danced out of bed, made breakfast and espresso, I decided Maddie should go to day care while I was at school so she could get out some energy.

When I dropped her off the girl who watches the little dogs inside, told me Maddie was a fun schnauzer...unlike the other schnauzers who go to day care and sit in the corner and shake (how sad). The girl also said Maddie is the life of the party.

Eeee...that's my girl!

To School I Go
Ever heard the song "Give it to me baby" by Rick James?

After hearing it for 22 years and dancing like a fool in my car on my way to school...

I finally heard the song and found the true meaning of the lyrics. Wow...how inappropriate!

A&M Arrival
Guess who rolled onto campus and found a front-row parking spot? This girl!!

To Class I Go
Anatomy and Physiology 2 is an amazing class which brings the entire body together as a whole. I took my first exam in this course on Tuesday...and I freak out and panic at each and every exam because this class really means something to me. Our professor tells us how dissapointed she is with our exam grades.

Oh crap! I just know I bombed it after this comment.

The end of class arrives...my last name starts with a W so of course I'm the last person to be called to get my exam.

Guess who got a 96 on the exam when the class average was a 64?

This girl!!

High on Life
After getting on a high on life like this one (aka: getting a 96 on my A&P 2 exam) my day couldn't be ruined by anything!

The end.

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