Poor Scott: Week 2 of Personal Training

Look what I can do! I'm not much of the cussin' sailor-type, but to put it nicely, today I was not at my physically active peak...and I was mad about it!

Last week I was saying "look what I can do!"

and running 3 miles straight, 4 days a week, at a 10 minute per mile pace.

Today I ran 1.5 miles in (I refused to hear my real time that Scott kept on his handy-dandy stop watch...so I'm just throwing out a guestemate) 15 minutes.

I walked 2 of 6 laps around the flag football course.

FML...what happened this weekend that would make me fail at life today?! Oh wait. I remember...wine...lots and lots of wine. Whoops!

Call me Debbie Downer for the Rest of the Night will ya
After Scott was done cheering me and Reese's on around the field, he took us inside to do some weights and light stretching. At this point in the work out I am still madder than hops that I personally failed myself at a 1.5 mile run, so I stomp my booty into the gym and start doing whatever weights he wants us to do.

Lets just say he doesn't think it's funny when Reese's and I yell at him to "give us 20"

...as he's demonstrating the proper squat technique. I thought it was funny.

What's that you say, we have to do this all again next week?
So thankfully I have the entire week to run off all the wine I consumed this weekend so I can actually be physically able next time we meet with dear Scottie boy. Oh how I wonder what I will learn next week about my body. Grr.

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