Ignorance isn't always bliss....it Ruins People's Lives!

An Amazing College Professor
My Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 professor is the epitome of the "college prof." Carefree, somewhat foul-mouthed and EXTREMELY intelligent. Oh and don't let me forget she's EXTREMELY German so the accent-alone keeps me awake during class.

Not only does she provide students with an impecable interpretation of the body and it's unending number of funtions, but she also gives students an experience with a different culture. LOVE IT! What else is college suppose to be about? Sorry Greeks...I just never got into the frat-tastic way of life.

Wait....People can work at a University....and be....stupid?
So after experiencing my beer-drinking, motorcycle-riding, foul-mouthed professor and her never ending knowledge about the systems of the body, I was shocked


my mind was BLOWN when I found out there is a person to works at the university...even worse, an advisor! Someone who is in charge of guiding students through the academic process, I've decided, most likely has the genetic deficiency known as Downs Syndrome. She has single-handedly lead me in the opposite direction that I want to be going...in my education at the moment. She's done so my contradicting....herself. I think the information she shares with people is just whatever she feels like pulling out of her ass that day. So if I do not in fact enter my desired program in the spring 2011 semester...I will take her job. The end.

No worries dear reader. I have a plan. A good friend of mine once told me that if you walked into a building to take care of business and people refused to care...yell at a pitch that is as high as you can get it...and someone will fear that you are about to partake in a shooting...and they will help you. :) Running Off the Reese's, we will see if you advice works tomorrow morning or not.

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