My first Long Run...Complete!

Sweatin' It
During my 2 months of easy-peasy, happy-go-lucky yogging the streets of Corpus Christi I've kept an iffy running schedule...and more often than not gone awry from that schedule. But this past week....October 4-10, I have stuck to a fabulous 12 weeks, 1/2 marathon schedule by Hal Higdon.

The same schedule I trained with 2 years ago for the 1/2 marathon...sadly, I made it to 8 miles and got sick. Hopefully this year will be better!

So when I woke up this morning at 3:30 a.m. freaking out about nursing school, I chanted my lemonade mantra for a few minutes then thought, hey! Why not do my first long run this morning before my day starts?! My nerves set in though, what if I couldn't run 4 miles outside without dying? Welp...lets try and find out.

6 am 7 am
Clear" Clear"
73°F 74°F
Humidity: 90% Humidity: 87%

I can officially do ANYTHING in these weather conditions!

The BondiBand saved my Life
I am proud to say I ran 3 miles without stopping this morning, walked 1 mile, then finished strong with 1 final mile, after that I walked my tired booty alllllll the way home.

Today's Stats:
- Time: 01.12.37
- Distance: 5.42 miles

So when I looked in the mirror and took off my BondiBand

I realized I looked like I had taken a dip in the ocean on my run. So now I am officially a fan of the BondiBand. It actually stops all sweat from entering the vicinity of the face! BondiBand for president!!

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