I like a hint of Vodka in my Lemonade

When life gives you lemons...

That's a fabulous saying if you ask me. When life gives you lemons...don't be a sour puss...make some freakin lemonade.

So when life kind of sucks (Aka: you don't know whether you have uprooted your life and taken out student loans to become a nurse in Corpus Christi-when in reality you don't know what your future holds until NOVEMBER...when the application committee decides if you're smart enough to be in their program) the lemonade saying can be a little easier said than done...as most of you know.

Considering this saying is a little easier said than done, I'm considering adding 1 very important ingredient to the lemonade mixture....vodka!

Just kidding! ....sort of.

So my new saying, to get me through what once was my favorite kick-off to the holidays month of October, is "make lemonade."

Make lemonade make lemonade make lemonade. Though I would much rather throw in the towel and just get a big girl job with my first degree....or just sit on my new couch and get fat agh!

I must get those thoughts out of my head...

Make lemonade make lemonade make lemonade. Whew... I'm ok.

So the next time I'm in the library, walking down the sweaty streets of Corpus or in the middle of Target and I have a nursing school/quarter-life crisis I will start chanting my new saying...and subsequently make people surrounding me believe I am an lunatic...maybe I'll throw in a rain dance with my lemonade chant just to really seal the lunatic deal for people around me. Can you imagine people's faces?

Hm...I think I like this saying better...

Hello! Yummy.

Ok. I'm done freaking out...for now. Onto more Important things.
I've been a good little runner for a while now, and by good I mean sticking to my daily running regimen, I still suck at running...that I don't think I will ever outgrow.

So! I signed up for the Wurstfest 5 mile run on October 30th. I am SO excited! If you have never been to Wurstfest I suggest you add it to your bucket-list.

It's THE 10 Day Solute to Sausage...game over! You've got to go! It's amazing. German beer, German food and people in German outfits.

After my race on the 30th I will run over, wait, who am I kidding? After 5 miles I'm going to have someone drive me to the nearest Wurstfest tent and find...

DAS BOOT!!! Omg I can taste it on my lips now!

Sweet dreams all!

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