Me and my Mueller

2nd Long Run Complete
Last night I completed my 2nd long run in my 1/2 marathon training.

Yogged: 5 miles

No, not naked, but that would be hilarious. Note the nudist on the right is wearing his heart monitor. Running naked is only funny until somebody dies of a heart attack.

Yogging Pace: Glacial

Walked: 1.70 miles

Pace: Slow but happy to not be running.

Blisters: Minimal (minimal ONLY because I wore my Moleskin...hmmm I love my Moleskin)

Post Run
After I was back in the safety of my own apartment, I collapsed in a sweaty heap and recovered from an evening of visibly unhappy running. If you've ever run in public, it's not fun to have people turn and look at you while they're driving, inevitably to giggle and make fun of the fact that you look like you're dying. So naturally I try to look alive as possible when I run...and THEN let the look of death sink in after I'm home and the doors and windows are shut!

Post Shower
After a full recovery including 3 glasses of water (I love water weight, so easy to gain yet so easy to lose), a shower and a few cuss words along the way I sat down in my comfy chair to get some work done.

Now take a look at this chair! Doesn't it look comfy? i could lounge in this for hours and accomplish absolutely nothing!

Sadly, I don't have that chair. I have this chair.

Looks fun doesn't it?

But then look at THIS chair? This would be ideal for me. Talk about getting some serious multitasking done all in one chair?! I could see this as a good Christmas or birthday gift. Not a joint gift of course...us December babies deserve 2 gifts each year just like the rest of ya!

So when I stood up from MY chair, I realized my knees hated me...LOATHED me. Crippled has whole new meaning after standing up from my chair last night. So I've been rotating my make-shift knee brace from knee to the next every 30 minutes to attempt to sooth my knees angry disposition about life.

Why might you ask do I rotate my Mueller from one knee to the other? Well my friend, I am too cheap/broke to purchase two Muellers. These babies are like 12 dolla! And 12 dolla will definitely make ya holla.

Today the knees are better, not fabulous, but better. So I will see if they are up for a 3.5 miler this evening...wish me luck!

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