The Innevitable Binge

Do You Binge?
Do you binge from time to time? Everyone has their crutch, what's yours? Just admit it...you've got one. Running Off the Reese's and I have decided there are officially 3 types of binge eating... which I'm sure apply to all types of binging, whether it be eating, drinking, etc.

Type 1: Binging With a Friend.
Binging is fun when you get together and it becomes a "social" thing. It's always more fun to binge with a friend than without one. When you're binging with a friend, it's suddenly ok. Someone else is doing it too, so it must be normal.

Type 2: Binging...Alone
We've all done it. The day goes wrong or too long, a break-up happens or you're just feeling unusually emotional one day and BAM...before you know it, you've gone through an entire pack of Elf cookies or a whole pint of Cookies'n'Cream icecream before you can blink an eye and realize what you're doing. When you finish that pack of cookies or pint of ice cream, suddenly you realize...you're all alone. No one is binging with you. Then the guilt sinks in. You have just binged solo.

Type 3: Binging Alone with a Friend in the Room
No matter what the reason for the binge, it's awful when you do it in front of another human being, or even your pet, and they refuse to join you in the binge. How embarrassing, you've been caught! The utmost dehumanizing binge of the 3. If you catch yourself Type 3 binging often ya better watch out....you may be a serious binger and Type 2 diabetes is just around the corner.

On a Happier Note
The cool front that came to Corpus Monday morning...is gone...and with that, the mosquitoes have returned with a vengeance!

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