Bieber Fever Anyone?

Bieber...the new Justin Timberlake
I'm sorry Justin, you've been replaced

...by a 16 year old pop singer who's voice changed a little earlier than the rest of the boys in school...He goes by the name Justin Bieber...and the girls are going WILD for him! I found out about the infamous "Bieber" when my sister's in-laws were talking about their granddaughter winning tickets to see him in concert in Houston...she's 6.

Now I was personally apart of the Boy Band Generation where N'SYNC and 98 degrees ruled the airways! So of course I think Bieber is dumb...don't you?

I'm not sure if I believe this "Bieber Fever" is a real phenomena yet.

I knew it was real when...
I'm sitting in my robe, as usual, watching TV when an ad comes up. The usual Proactive face-clearing medicine...which I love, along with Enrique Iglesias! And yes, I'm currently listening to Enrique's latest hit...I just can't get enough!

Whew...I almost got off on another Enrique tangent, excuse me, back to Bieber.

So. This is the official reason Guthy-Renker stock probably sky-rocketed in the few months.

Look at that face! Clean as a whistle. And yes, Bieber...

I'm glad he's a normal teen star going through the struggles of having acne. Zits DO suck!

Today's Goal: Enjoy football? Whatever, I'll watch the opening NFL game...I gotta get out of the house, I'm getting cabin fever in this place!!

Today's Obsession:
Enrique...I'm pretty sure I may have a "problem". He's my obsession way too much. I think it was finding out that he wasn't gay that sealed the deal.

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