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There's a Group for Everything
In today's society there is a niche group for just about every illness, anxiety problem, interest and obsession out there...I'm surprised Running Off the Reese's and I haven't been advised to join a self help group do to our spastic workout routines (AKA: running 4 miles one day, then "binge eating" the next. Who made up the phrase binge eating anyways?) In accordance with the American way of group therapy, I am forming a new group:

OVPA...also known as...

Below are scenarios you may be able to relate to. Just know that each time you see *** it signifies that:

*** Maddie knows she is not to bark at people, attack the window or bark at the closet. She has been actively disciplined and refuses to stop her rebel behavior. Hitting doesn't work, she cowers and continue to bark. (Just keep this thought in mind...do not feel sorry for her!)

OVPA and new Neighbors
This morning Madeline Bernice had lounged in bed long enough, so she decided to hop her white butt out of bed and head to her lookout in the living room.

Suddenly a shrill bark hits my ears...Madine hasn't spotted an intruder...no, she's spotted the new neighbor. I leap out of bed and rushed to stop her from attacking the window, and instantly Maddie turns around, puts her ears back and acts innocent.


I can't explain how the newbie must have felt. Moving into a new apartment in CC during peak heat time and yippy little schnauz decides to harass him/her with the sound of her voice. I would kill Maddie if I weren't here mom.

This fight for authority occurs daily during feeding time ***

Potty breaks ***

...with each and every person that Maddie views from the window ***.

Her favorite time to whip her head at me and bark is when I'm grading papers or studying.

And if I ignore her....she gets closer.

I have developed a true love/hate relationship with my dog...omg, how will I ever have children! You can't put them in a crate when you get mad at them can you?

Kidding kidding. That's my little cousin...and she crawled in there ON HER OWN

Today's Goal:
Read 2 chapters for Pharmacology

Today's Obsession:
Cleaning my house! How do stains come up through the carpet?

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