Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care
Who knew I would be that person who took my pooch to doggie day care? I would like to say I love my dog and we have grown close after 4 years of growing up and going to college together, but WOW she's gotten restless since her cousin Lou...

(aka: The Flash/The Blur) moved to San Marcos. With no little "my size friend" to play with, Maddie gets...dare I say it...sad. So, when I have long 7 hour days at school, I drop her off at Bruno's Bath House

...and her favorite part about the whole thing is she gets to boss all of her new friends around while I'm getting an education....again.

I TOTALLY understand the reasoning behind Mother's Day Out...I will enroll in that program the minute a child is conceived in my house...wherever that house may be...one day...not any time soon.

So to all of my relatives who are concerned about Maddie's well-being in the hot, sweltering, holy land we call Corpus Christi, she is doing fine and has made tons of puppy pals!

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