Trainer Scott...I'm so sorry we picked you

Let's Weight Train!
"Running Off the Reese's" and I decided to work with a trainer on campus and do weight training.

His name is Scott and he is precious. That poor poor soul for ever becoming a trainer, and then ending up with the Reese's cup-lover and myself. He's going to be SO uncomfortable for the next 9 weeks each and every time I come into the rec and make a ton of inappropriate jokes.

Basically, he has no idea what he's getting himself into.

Week 1: Body Assessment
Let's just say it was a shock to have my bod assessed for the first time in 6 years. The last time I was assessed (aka: weight, BMI, BP, measurements, fat/muscle mass, the whole bit) was when I was a 16 year old track runnin-fool with a BMI of 14. Ohhh, the good old days of being whipped around the track by satan's spawn (also known as "coach").

So the body assessment comes to a close and I'm pretty sure I have made Scott so uncomfortable that he may regret taking me and Reese's on.

Yes, Scott, I'm going to make TOTALLY inappropriate jokes about my body...it's just what I do. Especially while you're measuring my thigh blubber. I just praise da Lord he measured the fat at the midway mark between the hip and knee...instead of further up the leg...we would have gotten into some BIG numbers if he would have gone north with that tape measure!

Yes, Scott, I'm going to try to make Reese's laugh when we're doing 3 minutes of "step"...especially after she almost fell off her step. Lol...

So when we told Scott that we're running a 1/2 marathon he seemed shocked and thought it may be a joke...the 100th joke made within an hour of arriving. Scott, are you saying we're out of shape? Hahaha.

Can't WAIT for week 2...I will have to come up with a new comedy routine and see what sort of shocked faces I can get out of Scott on Monday.

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