Yoga...What I wish it could be

Yoga Class
As "Running Off the Reese's" and I go through the tedious process of living healthy, we came across a yoga class on campus and decided to attend the Sunday-evening class. I've never been to a yoga class that was 90 MINUTES LONG! Oh my goodness, that's a long time to "pose."

I felt like a moo-del...there are so many different things you can do with your limbs!

Phones and Yoga
Turn off your phone while in ANY workout class...but especially yoga. When you're standing on one leg, with the other tucked up into you thigh fat...trying to balance....

and a PHONE RINGS....

You WILL fall over.

Thank you, whoever you were, for not turning off your phone during yoga! I owe you a good bruise to the face!

Corpse's Pose
"Does anyone not know what corpse's pose is?"...I don't. What the hell is a corpse pose? Sounds creepy to me. Apparently this is the relaxation pose of the yogi. So, you lay down on your back...

Corpse's Pose!

....that's it.

....really....that's it.

Obviously, my inner-dialogue is going off like crazy during corpse's pose. So after 5 minutes of solid corpse's pose my back is "stuck". Basically I have a glitch in my back where I can't move unless I roll onto my side. It's not as much fun as it sounds. Back to the inner-dialogue... I honestly thought our yoga instructor had collapsed into heart failure and couldn't bring us out of corpse's pose...hence us being there for a solid 45 minutes....on our backs.

A point that my yoga-buddy/beach-buddy and I agreed on, was that we could have taken a nap during our relaxation pose...and as a result could have been really embarrassed if a snore would have jerked us out of a solid sleep while everyone else was meditating.

Post 90-Minute body Hell
After 90 minutes of pure hell on my body, it was finally over. On my way home, a gas station visit was necessary and I purchased a bottle of vino. Someone might as well stick a nipple on it and call it "adult" formula...wait I think someone has already done that...

Today's end-thought: I wish I could fall asleep and someone would work/stretch my body and then I would wake up rejuvenated.

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