Social Cues

Social Cues...in a public setting
This evening, "Running Off the Reese's" and I decided to not binge eat, or drink, and attend 2 movies and make dinner. Wow...we are both straight women, and we have active social lives...ok the active social life part is a total lie! We are total hermits who love the random movie night.

So! The major movies features included:


....both cute, your typical chick flick.

So after starting with Easy A promptly at 4:45 p.m., we headed back to "Running Off the Reese's" apartment to cook some dinner and hang with our pet children, Maddie and Scout (arch nemeses).

By 7:40 we were back to the movie theater for You Again. Funny, yadda yadda, 1.5 hours later and the credits were rolling. But guess what the audience did?

NOTHING! They all just sat there, a solid minute and a half people did nothing. Just sat, watching the credits run by...slowly. I looked around to see if I was missing something...nope. Awkward as all get out!

Does anyone else see that it's that time? Time to leave!

Where did these people learn their movie-going social cues?


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