Oh what oh what is the Navy doing over there?

It was a Calm Day at the Pool when...
I was relaxing by the pool twice this week when an absurd and overwhelming noise filled the air! I'm no WWII survivor but wow did it feel like a bomb was going off somewhere! The sound hurt my ears and the ground was shaky!

There is a naval base here in town...

With several attractive men in uniform I'll note


So obviously...

And I'm use to planes flying low to the ground with pilots-in-training cruising the skies. The planes are red/orange and white strips. I have a good friend who's husband is in flight school here, so I always look up and wave when a plane goes by. I'm a nerd, I know. I'm sure I don't have to mention that I say, "hey Matt" every time a plane goes by...how embarrassing, I'm a 5 year old!

So I'm determined there was must be some sort of government conspiracy to wipe Corpus Christi off the face of the earth...it is the fattest city in America ya know. I wouldn't be surprised if someone set off a bomb here.

I Spoke Too Soon
Yeah...so I think I'm funny and I'm telling Running Off the Reese's this funny theory I have that the government would love to get rid of the fattest city of America when...BAM!

There was an EXPLOSION!

So I don't really believe there's a conspiracy and wow, what a coincidence.

Remember I got my degree in advertising, which is a sector of the School of Journalism at Texas State University so I'm all about generating news! So I was shocked that I didn't find this explosive fact out until I went to the gas station and purchased a newspaper, in order to see if there were any good garage sales Saturday morning. It kind of stinks that this sort of news didn't generate its way around town by now, it's already 8:15 p.m. ....the next day, after the explosion!

I wonder how many people in Corpus don't know about this?

Regardless, thank you Caller Times for publishing such critical news! Read the full article here.

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